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Our goal is to create a magazine which builds into a community. In that community we want to foster learning, ideas, creativity and eventually want Artists to cross-pollinate with each other.

Ann Moore Bailey – Editor in Chief & Fearless Leader

Her husband calls her Tigger, the Energizer Bunny! Ann gets more done before noon than most people do in a work week. As our Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief, Ann is used to wearing multiple hats. She is an artist, author, business owner and leader; she wakes up in the morning excited to introduce and showcase the amazing talents of artists and creatives through Paper, Pen and Surface. Ann does her best work helping others grow into their best selves. She understands the layers creativity demands, and works to foster a community and environment where creativity and a solid work ethic help artists grow. Her goal is to bring light to all things related to paper, pens and any surface where innovation and cool ideas thrive! In short, Ann is a total, bad@ss!

Ann lives in Canton, GA with an entire brood of relatives and animals including (but not limited to) her husband, two labs named Biscuit & Gravy, 2 cats and a 1940 Chevy pickup named Jolene. If you hear a pen on paper or a keyboard clicking, chances are it’s Ann creating art, blogging and building this magazine. 

Kisha Pedrosa – VP Business Affairs

This woman takes organization and project management to a level no one ever imagined! As the VP of Business Affairs, Kisha leads all the behind the scenes elements which prepares us for action. In other words, she brings the secret sauce to everything we do! With honesty, integrity, kindness and faith she draws out our best and packages it into a nice, neat, bundle. She asks the best questions and makes us think beyond what we do today. As a Mom, Wife, Process Guru, Planner and Organizational Whiz she can project manage anything! She is what makes us look fantastic!

Kisha lives in the Chattanooga, TN area with her husband, son and various family members. If you want to know more about healthy vegan living, farm to table eating, and a family-oriented life then Kisha is the woman to ask.

Sandra Verhine Wells – VP, Creative Director

“I thrive in an environment where there is constant change within a framework of structure”. Doing one thing with excellence, focus and tenacity is what makes Sandra tick. As the VP, Creative Director, Sandra ignites the creation of content and social media elements to bring the vision of this publication to life. Her efforts serve as a cornerstone of all we do. As a Mom, Wife, Comedian, Writer and Actor her energy and efforts, her unique voice and concise options anchor everything we do and produce. She’s cool as SH*T and rocks our world!

Sandra lives in the Atlanta are with her hubby and daughter, two cats and a Vespa named Holly Golightly. If a fun-loving yellow Vespa zooms past you in traffic, you’ve been blessed to see Sandra at her best, getting things done and having fun!

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