Here is our FIRST Issue!!!

8 thoughts on “Here is our FIRST Issue!!!”

  1. What an awesome first issue! It’s obvious the team has but a lot of time, effort, and creativity into it. I loved all the articles and the art.

  2. A very interesting and enjoyable issue. Good luck for future issues.

  3. What a beautiful, creative, thought-provoking and informative Magazine! I can’t wait to read future issues.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! You found a way to tastefully use a digital format to celebrate, document, and encourage the love of paper. Are you looking for any contributing writers?

    1. Yes I am looking for writers. Let’s chat next week. Email me and let’s set up a time

  5. Great, can I. Purchase a paper copy

    1. Hi Brian – our first print issue comes out in March…stay tuned in February for your ability to subscribe!

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